Instructions on how to link Eye4Smart to Alexa/Echo

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When there is no Skills option or you can not search our APP name Eye4Smart on Alexa APP, please follow the instructions to bind shown as below

1.Type the link to log in the app.

2. Click “Skills” on the left, enter “Eye4Smart”in the searching bar.

3. Click “ENABLE”to enter the account binding page.

4. Enter the user name and passwords of Eye4Smart.

5. When the page appears as below, close the current page and turn to the home page. Click “DISCOVER DEVICES”in the pop-up window. The device will appear after refresh. Then the Eye4Smart is successfully linked and voice control is activated. You can talk to Alexa, “Alexa, turn on the socket (user defined); Alexa, turn off the socket.”
If you don’t think “socket” is appropriate or like some other names for the smart plug, please refer to below.
         Note: Please modify the name of the smart plug on Eye4Smart before binding and DO NOT change the name of the smart plug after binding; Otherwise, voice control will not be available.
If you can not use Alexa to control the plug when change the name of the smart plug after binding the Eye4Smart account , please unbind Eye4Smart and then re-bind it.

6. Creat Group. You can control the plug through the Group name.
You can click “Groups”under “Smart Home”menu. Create a group and name the new group as you like (for example “living room”), Tick “Socket” and click “Save”. And then Eye4Smart is successfully linked. You can talk to Alexa, “Alexa, turn on living room (the socket is turned on); Alexa, turn off living room (the socket is turned off).


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