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Device networking failed?

1. The WiFi password is incorrectly entered. Please confirm the correct WiFi password and try again.
2. WiFi password should not more than 30 characters, it’s not support special characters like :,”;\&%+'<>?  ect , it is recommended to change the WiFi password to letters plus numbers.
3. The device does not support 5G WiFi network,please check if mobile phone connected to 5G WiFi, please access the 2.4G network.

When search device failure happens even after several times, what should I do ?

It may be caused by cookie in phone when adding repeatedly. Please turn off WLAN and after a while, reboot the WLAN. It’s suggested to turn off the power supply and restart the device, then go on adding device procedure.

What if the Wi-Fi pass code change leads to socket network off?

Delete the device from phone APP and re-add it.

Why would it happen that network connecting fails during adding device procedure?

Please check if WIFI pass code is correct or not first, then confirm the pass code before re-adding it.Or if the device is far from Router, weak signal in this situation, and also some environmental factors disruption, please keep the device close to Router (within 2M) and re-add it. And please be noted that the device can not recognize the 5G WI-FI ,  pls use the 2.4G WI-FI. Please make sure that Router is not with MAC filter. 

Whats the possible reason that device LED indicator not flash? No response when power supply set up? No working status show after turning on the switch?

It could be the damage on electricity, pls help return it for our further check.If some damage is caused on the device when user dissemble it, the user should cover the shipping charge, including that for the shipping back to you, and also some necessary material cost for the repair.If some device parts are missing when user tried to repair or re-burn the hardware, after-sales service would be canceled in this situation and user is responsible for all cost and lost.

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