How to use apple homekit to control the smart socket?

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Add a smart socket to apple’s home app and you can use siri voice control.

1. connect the socket to the WiFi router

There are two ways:

Method 1: Add smart socket via eye4smart app, please refer to the smart socket user manual.

Method 2: Use the mobile browser to configure the network, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: The socket into configure the network

Power on the socket, the indicator light is on for one second, off for one second,

flashes alternately. If it is not in this state, long press the button until the indicator light flashes quickly,it will enter the configure network state.

Step 2: Configure the socket and connect router

Go to the iPhone’s WiFi settings, select and connect to the @socket_XXXX hotspot. After confirming the connection, open the browser address bar and enter, waiting for the web interface to appear. Then select your home wifi and enter the password, click “Connect”, it will show the configuration is successful.

If the prompt password is incorrect, please try  again.

2. add Homekit

Open the iPhone and select the “Family” app,clicking the “+”. You can choose to add the accessory by scan the QR code below or manually add it. Enter the verification code: 031-45-154 and wait for about 20 seconds to complete the addition. Modify the socket name after successful addition to facilitate voice control

FAQ: When adding the outlet by HomeKit, if you could not find the QR code or scan QR code to add failed, please try other methods show as below:

1. Click “+” on the top right corner.

2.Select “Don’t have a code or can’t scan”.

3. Select the outlet that have been searched.

4. Click “Add Anyway”.

5. Enter HomeKit setup code 031-45-154.

6. Please wait about 1 minute.

7. After added successfully, please help to rename it.


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